Bike Effect Saved My A–! Literally.

I first came to Bike Effect a year ago after telling a co-worker and fellow cyclist that the stock seat on my relatively new bike had left me badly bruised and miserable only two weeks before my first Ironman 70.3. Upon hearing of my woes, he said, “I know the guy who can help you,” and sent me to Steven. As promised, Steven took great care of me. He listened to my issues, took some measurements and recommended a new seat, which I now love.

Steven also noticed that my shoes were too big and my fit was off, so we agreed to work on that after my half Ironman. I worked with Steven over the next two months to completely dial in the fit of my bike and all my related gear. WOW! Did it pay off. I completed my first Ironman 140.6 in November 2011 and when I got off the bike after 112 miles barely felt like I’d been riding. That’s how well Steven fit my bike to me.

Today, I am a devoted Bike Effect fan. Steven is the fitter supreme!

I <3 Bike Effect!

Andrea Lipton

For those of us with the capacity and tenacity to look at our bikes as an extension of our personality’s, it will come as no surprise to learn from one similar to yourselves that a multitude of tweaks and changes, upgrades and “it’s the best, therefore I shall have it” have helped me achieve many of the zenith’s in my enthusiastic biking life. Along with procuring “the best, according to me, the finest according to the social commentators and technical observers and manufacturing blurbs, I have had three professional fits in my handful of years biking. It’s always been an after thought, yet, along with my personality, it’s always been a service provided to me by “the best”. Or so I thought.

After each fit, feel and position seem decent enough, trusting that everything below me and recommended to me is of the highest quality and bespoke to my very personal needs.

It’s funny how those of us who are happy to spend an inordinate amount of time puffing the very feathers we lay our bikes on at night, the add ons, the tech bits which show how serious we are along with the colour choices which show the world that we are “cool” and that they, the others are just slightly less cool.

And here I am, after another professional fit, this time from Steven@BikeEffect; yes, that Steven with the eyes and ears befitting the man who leads us to lead a life of “stay thirsty, my friends.”

I visited Bike Effect, I drank the espresso, delicately walked over the shiny concrete floors and even helped myself to a bagel. I sat and talked with Steven, he looked at me as I pedaled, he answered questions from the many who popped in to hear from the most interesting man in the world, and we continued together; he looking and cleverly collecting verbal cues from me, and I, pedaling to the thoughts that I was indeed in the perfect position and he would be very excited by such a specimen on a bike, handlebar tape matched to the paint job et al.

Or so I thought.

I challenged him to his assessments, remonstrating with his biomechanical suggestions (which were always delivered with the same laconic delivery, confidently allowing the information to find its way into my predetermined “I have a cool bike, therefore I think i should know what position is best.”

Steven spent three hours with me, pedaling and talking, adjusting and pedaling, (although I do believe they have the bike fitting equipment hooked up to some renewable energy generator out back).

And we were done, and Steven suggested I take a couple of weeks to settle into the new (and radically different position). I took his advice.

And here I am writing about my experience with Bike Effect and Steven, the bike fitter bloke.

The summary to this ramble: for those of us who spend too much time and too much of our hard earned money on the bike’s in our life and the rides we experience and the friends we talk to about our rides and our bikes. Lend me your ears!

In all my experiences with bikes, and groovy cool components, and bits and pieces constantly tinkered with in the expected belief that they will indeed, make the difference on our next ride. Stop.

Pick up the phone, make an appointment, insist on a bottle of Dos Equis as part of the fitting, and have Steven and Bike Effect laconically deliver you to the five star bike fitting that we all deserve, For this will be and is the biggest positive  effect on the quality and comfort, the efficiency and power that any of us will ever experience on a bike.

He has brought all the goodness and greatness out of the many parts of my bike and repackaged them into something far greater than the sum of the parts could ever be.

A fantastic and first class  bike fitting of the highest order. The highest order.

Bartholomew Wilson


There are few people in this world with true inherent god-given gifts and unparalleled talent that far outshine any who compete against them. Steven Carre is one of those rare few. His incredible and precise eye connected with an innate ability to see beyond what just the naked eye can observe make him the best bike fitter and biomechanical analyzer in the world.


Steven and I have worked together along my road to breaking the 3 kilometer Team Pursuit World record, which was set in May 2010 at Pan American Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico in a time of 3:19.55. I am a bit of an awkward and challenging person to fit as my legs are very long (34 inch inseam) and I have a short torso. To get my aerodynamics as low as my team pursuit partners (so that I can get ample draft) but still produce the max sustainable power that I need to, presents some difficulty. Steven spent many hours at the track with me dialing in my position. He saw everything. Things that I never would have thought of, he was able to nail.

He is an easy-going, likable and connected person with a laser focus ability to figure out the most complicated fitting puzzles. I feel that anyone, no matter what ability level, can benefit greatly from Steven Carre’s genius. He has a gift and he has spent the time to hone it and study his craft and he is the best there is.

Dotsie Bausch

Olympic Silver Medalist - Team Pursuit
Current World Record Holder — 3K Team Pursuit
2x Pan American Gold Medalist
6x US National Champion — Road and Track

My fit experience with Steven from Bike Effect was the most dynamic and thorough of my entire cycling career. His understanding of the mechanics of body and bike are second to none. I just wish I would have had this fifteen years ago!


Neil Shirley
Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cycling

I wanted to throw something together to let others know about the experience I had getting a bike fit by Steve. Steve is the type of fitter who does a full on examination before he has you touch your bicycle. He takes body measurements, looks at your feet, checks your flexibility etc. All this information becomes vital throughout the course of the fitting.


After the examination Steve grabbed my shoes and set them up. He added shims, foot beds, and one shoe insert due to a slight leg length difference. This in itself was a huge difference when I got on the bicycle. I noticed my power increase as well as my knee tracking. This made for an entirely different feel which was not only more comfortable but more powerful.

As the fit went on we made numerous adjustments such as saddle height, saddle manufacturer, and stack height. Again all these changes increased my power and comfort. Being a competitive cyclist we tend to set up our bodies on the bicycle to be aero. Sometimes we take it too far which decreases power. With Steve, he is able to get you in a position that works for your body without losing the aerodynamic position and power we all go for.

Jake Duehring

Steven, thank you for fitting me on both my road and TT bikes. The meticulous attention you pay to every part of the fit starting with the cleats, moving to the seat height and saddle width and finishing with stem height and handle bar width has not only given me a marked increase in watts, but these changes have made riding the bike feel the best it has felt in 36 years of riding.  Your knowledge of biomechanics along with your experience in working with world class cyclists makes your work impeccable and beyond reproach. A bike fit from you is the single best investment any rider could make.


Peter Schindler

As every serious rider does I’m always looking for any opportunity for a slight increase to my performance: lighter parts, better nutrition, smarter training, etc.  Earlier this year Steven Carre from Bike Effect did fittings for me on both my road bikes and my time trial bike. After getting used to the new position my increase in power across all my training zones was dramatic with a noticeable rise of 6-7%.

This is not the first time I was ‘fit’ on these bikes but Steven takes the art of fitting to a new level. With his unique blend of knowledge about physiology, ergonomics, his own experience on the bike, a great set of eyes, and the best new technology Steven will find your ideal position tuned as only he can to the your special needs of your specific body.

Nick Gillock

I walked in to meet with Steven the first time at 6’6″ tall, 300 lbs and 65 years old, not realizing how badly I needed a good fit. I was riding a new “dream bike” that had just about killed my body in a century ride several weeks before.  Steven studied me on the trainer and announced that I was riding the wrong bike. Apparently, I could pour all the money into it that I wanted…but it was the wrong bike! He rolled in a bike designed for distance riding for tall guys and the fit process began. The new bike still needed a good deal of tweaking, but it FIT! I’d never ridden anything like it. A week later I rode a double century and a month after that the AIDS Lifecycle Ride from San Francisco to LA. My only limitations were my own skills. The bike was ready for more than I could give it. From the first meeting, Steven was more than a bike fitter. He was totally committed to making my cycling experience a positive one. He guided me in the selection of all my cycling purchases, smothered me in advice, then took me out and taught me how to climb a hill. My entire cycling experience changed. Thanks!!”

Bob Marcum

I’ve been a cyclist for as long as I can remember. It’s been my main source of transportation, recreation, therapy, and overall enjoyment for years. I had never had a bike fit before I met Steve Carre. I figured (like most cyclists) that I was pretty in touch with my bike, and saw no need to have someone else help me get comfortable and positioned on it. I also figured aches and pains I was having were the effects of things like getting older, riding a fatigued aluminum bike, over training, etc. Soon after my first professional fit with Steve, I realized that this was all due to a poor position on my bike, and working against my body’s unique composition. Steve was able to point out differences in the length of my legs, size and angle of my feet, and posture. Huge things to consider as a cyclist, but things I never would have on my own. Steve takes the time to find all these discrepancies, and knows that we’re all built differently. While working on your bike position and comfort, he will also make you aware of things that are working against you, and causing pain. I am now more comfortable and powerful on my bike, and more aware of my position, pedal stroke, and handling. This all makes for more comfortable and efficient riding, which in turn makes riding more fun!!! I feel refreshed after rides now, rather than like I just beat myself up.

Aaron Harris

I did a bike fit with Steven and it was definitely worth the time and money. He spent a total of 5+ hours with me over 2 different fit sessions to make sure I was correctly fitted on my bike. Most people will buy a road bike and get the basic free fitting thinking they are good to go. That is not true! If you are serious about your biking and want to really improve, then you need a professional fitting. Steven spends about an hour measuring/examining your body before you even get on the bike! He made many adjustments that have helped me with my triathlon riding/races. He will patiently explain everything to you to help you get the most out of your bike and riding. Well worth it!

Jarett Fong


Steven’s attention to detail during his bike fits are like no other! I was very nervous about transitioning from my road bike to a tri bike because of the difference in the style of riding but Steven fit me perfectly on my tri bike. I even had a stranger tell me during a training ride that I was perfectly set up on my bike.

Kim Pollock